Monday, January 20, 2020

January 20, 2020

5 reasons to eat fast food

5 reasons to eat fast food
We all know that fast food is bad. In details. We know why this is harmful ; we’ve heard a million times about fats, sugar, additional “secret” ingredients, obesity, and quick death. And still, most of us do not stop it. According to statistics , the fast food market in Russia is growing at 15–20% per year, which makes our country one of the world leaders in the field of fast, low-junk food consumption. Fast food is often the only way to get warm, cheap food, which, admit, also tastes good. And since you still love her, Gazeta.Ru decided to find something good in fast food.
Calorie counter
Since fast food is most often accused of all mortal culinary sins, it is also controlled more often and more strictly by “full-fledged” restaurants. One of the advantages of constant monitoring is that fast-food establishments necessarily publish detailed information on how many calories (with a detailed breakdown by the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and healthy minerals) are contained in each product on the menu. So, fast food is no longer to blame for the fact that you overeat.
Everyone can control exactly how many calories he wants to receive at one meal, and make a choice in favor of more healthy items on the menu.
The biggest danger of fast food is the amount of saturated fat that is contained in dishes, which leads to heart attacks and tummy tumbledowns. They say so much about this that most fast-food chains are now trying to minimize the amount of such fats. So, for example, nuggets are now fried in vegetable oil, and it is healthier.
Fast food restaurants were the first to offer dishes suitable for people with intolerance to different foods. And because of the constant strict control of fast food in this sense, you can trust more than an ordinary restaurant. So, for example, fried potatoes in most networks do not contain gluten (they don’t specially roll it in anything and use other techniques to prevent the pieces from sticking together). Also on the menu there are always products that do not contain lactose, nuts, etc. In any fast-food restaurant, you will be given, upon request, a plate that indicates which allergenic product is contained in which dish.
By choosing what you are safe, you will know for sure: if the label says that there is no gluten, then there is no gluten.
If you have them and you were reckless to take them to a fast food restaurant, they probably liked it there. The prohibitive amount of sugar, bright packaging and a toy can not but rejoice. But even if you do not have the desire or the ability to stop feeding your baby fast food, this does not mean that everything is lost. Standard children's kits are often not the healthiest, but the charm is that you can still control what your child eats. Even if you just replace the cola with orange or apple juice and add salad and fruit to the potatoes (all these fast-food establishments are allowed to do), you feed your child a balanced lunch, and you can run away from school to a circle in the other end of the city without remorse (we will know). You fed the child.
In any fast food restaurant you can get a relatively healthy dinner, you just need to choose wisely, control the portion size and the number of calories that you plan to consume at a time. For instance,
when ordering a salad, take a dressing based on vinegar, not mayonnaise or cheese.
Ketchup and mustard contain fewer calories and often there are no artificial additives at all, unlike mayonnaise and special sauces.
Instead of adding extra bacon or cheese to your burgers, ask for extra vegetables.
Even if you were given a bag of salt, try not to use it: do not salt food, there is already salt in fast food.
If you have a choice, take grilled meat, not oil.
Between beef and chicken, choose chicken.
Ask for the sauces to be served in a separate package without pouring the whole dish. Then you can use it much less than prescribed in the menu.
Refuse large portions. We understand that since you were brought here, you are very hungry and immediately want the biggest burger. Take, on the contrary, the smallest and eat slowly. Promise yourself that if you feel that you are not full, take another one. Most likely, a second burger will not be needed.
Try in violation of all the rules of decency to start with dessert. And preferably not with a cake or ice cream, but with some fruit (but not necessarily). Often we feel hungry due to lower blood sugar. If you start with a sweet, you will quickly feel full and eat less.
January 20, 2020

Fast Food Pros and Cons

Fast Food Pros and Cons
For a city dweller, eating in fast foods has already become a habit, because there is not always enough time for home dinners. And, often, people simply do not have the opportunity to eat at home, because the work schedule is very busy, many work so far from at home, that you won’t come for lunch, but for many, for example, truckers, pizza or a hot dog is the only option to eat.


In such catering establishments you will be fed quickly and tasty, hearty food. In many fast food establishments, the main trump card is used for a modern, living in high-speed mode, a person - the speed of cooking and service. This is facilitated by various methods of labor automation, for example, R-keeper software systems, special equipment, and the use of semi-finished products.
There are many types of fast food establishments - pies, pizzerias, grill bars, barbecue, pancake. Equipment for such establishments is created and selected according to the same principle - to feed the visitor quickly and satisfyingly. Not a single point where hot dogs are offered can do without an apparatus for frying sausages; a professional pancake will be installed in the pancake room, baking pancakes in the shape of a square for the convenience of wrapping the filling.
Everything here is aimed at reducing the time waiting for an order. For example, in large fast-food restaurants there are special driveways for cars, a service window and a button to call the waiter, which you can use without leaving your car.


Of course, this way of eating is quite convenient and saves a lot of time. However, do not forget that all over the world a lot of experts talk about the dangers of the constant use of fast food dishes, and especially sweet carbonated drinks, which are usually used to drink all this food. This can lead to overweight, or even to obesity. In those countries where this method of nutrition is most common, for example, in Canada and the USA, the problem of obesity is very acute. In the United States, obesity, as the cause of premature death, came second after smoking, while in Canada, childhood obesity rates have tripled in recent years.
All this is associated with the use of sweet soda and quickly cooked food, which is overloaded with sugar, fats, salt, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. For example, a strawberry smoothie contains about five dozen artificial ingredients that make its taste so “natural strawberry”, and not all of them benefit our health.
January 20, 2020


Fast food. The food that is cooked quickly, as tasty as possible, as beautiful as possible. Food that is designed to satisfy your hunger in minutes. Everyone knows that it is harmful, but, nevertheless, they continue to use it. Let's try to understand the pros and cons of fast food.

 The benefits of fast food
Undoubtedly, fast-food restaurants have their own advantages, because it is not just that there are whole chains throughout the country.
  1. Quickly. Given the pace of life of most people, such institutions save a lot of time and, at times, are the only way to satisfy hunger.
  2. Cheap enough.
  3. The restaurants are always clean and comfortable. It is convenient to sit here, relax during a walk and eat.
  4. What can I say there: if this food was not tasty, no one would eat it. Thanks to taste enhancers!
The pros are obvious, but the cons are more likely in the underwater part of the “fast food iceberg”!
Cons of fast food
We know that they are, but our knowledge is sometimes limited to just one word - it is harmful. But I went in once, ate and nothing happened to me. So maybe this is just a myth and the machinations of competitors? Let's get it right.
OBESITY is one of the most famous effects of fast food. Of course, nothing will happen to you from one burger a month. But, as a rule, the story does not end on one burger.
If you regularly eat french fries or hot dogs, then in a few months, obesity can begin. This product has a very high calorie content, contains a large amount of harmful fats and carbohydrates, but at the same time, saturation is only short-lived. After which the person is hungry again, because the consumed calories are of no benefit, they lack complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats that supply the body with energy. There are very few proteins, and all the vitamins are burnt during frying, so there is nothing useful in such a meal! Therefore, you will quickly become hungry - you will carry out more snacks in a day.
On the Internet you can find a lot of articles where employees of fast-food restaurant chains reveal the secrets of the cuisine. The products are not always fresh, often used raw materials are made using various chemicals harmful to the body, as a result of which food can only cause disgust. But the main friends of fast food come to the rescue - salt and sugar. Everyone knows how these ingredients influence the perception of the taste of food. Fast food restaurants use excessive amounts of salt and sugar for only one purpose - to mask the true taste of the product.
And no fast food restaurant can provide you with quality products by the end of the working day. You just add more salt.
If you often visit fast food restaurants, be aware that diseases such as:
  • gastritis (due to excess salt and fat);
  • an ulcer (from the use of sweets and filth on an empty stomach);
  • cancer (fried foods contain a huge amount of carcinogens, and if the oil is deep-fried for more than a day, their concentration just rolls over);
  • high cholesterol (all the same fatty and sweet foods);
  • diabetes mellitus (carbonated drinks, cocktails and necks);
  • caries (carbonated drinks).
This is only part of the unpleasant consequences. But they are easy to imagine, because everyone treated their teeth, everyone had abdominal pain, and fat deposits in the abdomen of many girls are depressed. Try also to imagine that ulcers eat on a schedule and very often their food is monotonous and not very tasty. Do you want to live according to a regime where every skipped meal will have consequences? I think no.
Any food can be tasty if you put the right seasoning in it. In fast food restaurants, as well as in fast food products, whether it's chips, crackers, sodas, very often use seasoning mixtures in which flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate are present, as well as preservatives that can extend the shelf life of the products. Not the fact that in the early morning you eat a fresh burger, most likely, it is prepared from yesterday's unrealized leftovers.
So why do you think the same food costs differently? Why, to make a burger at home, you spend one amount, a burger in a real restaurant will cost more, and a burger from a fast food chain - from 50 rubles?
Does this mean product quality? If I bought a piece of chicken in the store for 50 rubles, which I still have to cook at home, and the fast-food restaurant gives me a ready-made burger for 50 rubles, it’s worth seriously thinking.
In fact, this is only a small part of the unpleasant consequences that are hidden under the beautiful, juicy and mouth-watering advertising of fast food restaurants. The modern world is oversaturated with information, among which it is difficult to choose the right one. Have you seen an advertisement for any dining room? Unlikely. But, most likely, you have seen advertisements of famous giants-fast-food chains a thousand times.
Guys, a stomach ulcer will greatly affect the choice of location and mode of operation.
Girls, fat from the sides and abdomen can be removed for months!
If you are in such a situation that there is simply no way to satisfy your hunger in another way, then there are a number of recommendations:
  • Every fast food establishment has cold snacks and hot drinks. Order Caesar salad and herbal tea instead of burger and soda.
  • Do not eat “fast food” on an empty stomach, because the negative effect only intensifies.
  • Do not look late at night in the navigator for a point that has not yet closed at night. It is better to drink a couple of glasses of water and fall asleep hungry, because no fast food restaurant can provide you with a quality product 30 minutes before closing time.
  • If the only way to satisfy hunger is to go to a cafe, then choose institutions with domestic cuisine or oriental dishes.

Monday, November 4, 2019

November 04, 2019

Top 20 brilliant fitness tips from people living in sports

Top 20 brilliant fitness tips from people living in sports

Recommendations from the most creative American trainers will help you correct your mistakes and try some interesting techniques that train stars, powerlifters, speed geniuses and titans of technical progress.

1. Measure your capabilities

Advice from Rob MacDonald, general manager of the Gym Jones gym in Salt Lake City.
Sometimes you need to arrange a check. A fitness test works better than trying to challenge yourself for your progress.
Regular checks bring you closer to the right path, help you overcome the urge to stop or give up.
Here is one of McDonald’s favorite tests that can be done anywhere.
Set a timer and complete 100 burpies. First push out, then stand up and jump out, tearing off the floor by at least 10 centimeters.

2. Prepare your muscles for pull-ups.

Advice from Artemis Scantalides, trainer at the Iron Body gym in Boston.
To prepare for pulling up, hang on the horizontal bar for 30 seconds with a tense press.

Then try to do the same, but already bent your arms at an angle of 90 degrees. When you can do 3 sets of 30 seconds, you can try to catch up.

3. Choose the right pace

Advice from Greg McMillan, owner of the McMillan Running club in Mill Valley, California.
Run 25 minutes at a quiet pace to warm up . Then speed up a little every two minutes. Slow down the pace so that you run fast enough for 40 minutes.
After the 45th minute, run at maximum speed while you have the strength. After that - 5 minutes of running at a calm pace. Repeat this workout every week.

4. Try different methods

Advice from Alwyn Cosgrove, owner of the Result Fitness Club in Santa Clarita.
Alvin is simply obsessed with new training techniques in the field of fitness accessories. His innovations are always quite effective. No matter how he changes the training of his clients, their results are always improving. Here is what he recommends.

Do not watch the clock

Interval training is always done on time - you do the exercises and then relax.
Cosgrove prefers heart rate training. You work until your heart rate is 85% of your maximum, and then rest until your heart rate drops to 65%.
Shift the load off center
Imagine you are doing the Farmer's Walk exercise with 18 kilogram dumbbells.

Farmer's Walk Exercise with Two Dumbbells

Easy, huh? Now try walking with one 36 kilogram dumbbell in one hand. A shift of gravity on one side increases the load, especially on the core muscles .

Farmer's Walk exercise with one weight

Try to apply this principle with lunges, steps, squats and most exercises to work out the upper body.

Wake up your muscles

When you pick up the sandbag, the weight shifts. Your central nervous system has to respond faster to tune your muscles.
This allows you to burn more calories and turns any exercise into a load for the core muscles. No sandbag? Use a TRX trainer or fitness ball .

5. Improve rear view

Advice from Bret Contreras, degree holder and founder of Glute Lab.
The Glute Lab is a four-car garage that has evolved into a hybrid of a hardcore gym and science lab. Bret Contreras uses stabilometric platforms for assessing strength, electromyography and ultrasound to understand what is happening in the muscles, and video capture technology to investigate movement.
He made several discoveries.

Pay attention to sit-ups and pelvic lifting

A study by Contreras showed that squats pump the lower fibers of the muscles in the buttocks, and during the lifting of the pelvis, both the lower and upper fibers are worked out. To achieve better results, you must perform both exercises.

Gluteus Exercises

In addition, these exercises provide comprehensive development. Contreras recently discovered that squats help improve vertical jumps, and lifting the pelvis can increase running speed.

Trust the senses

Using electromyography to measure muscle stimulation, Contreras found great differences in how exercise affects people. He argues that his clients often say themselves which exercise provides the most benefit because they feel it.
Trust your instincts and listen to your body. If you feel that squats will help you better pump muscles, if you turn your feet outward, most likely it is.

6. To build muscle, do deadlift with the right weight

Advice from the founder of the Rise Nation gym in Los Angeles, Jason Walsh.
Jason coaches high-class athletes, including models from the cover of Men's Health - Matt Damon and John Krasinski. To increase strength, they perform slow repetitions of deadlifts with high weight.
Every few weeks they arrange an exhausting workout: they hang from 50 to 70% of the weight on the bar, which they can lift at a time, and do three approaches with the maximum possible number of repetitions.

7. Run a sprint on a treadmill

You can arrange speed races not only in the stadium, but also on the treadmill . Gradually add the speed and degree of climb of the track until you reach a pace that can only be maintained for 20-30 seconds. Then lower the pace to a quiet run or walk for 1-3 minutes, then repeat again. In the first training session, do no more than 2–4 such sprints. Gradually bring their number to 8-12.

8. Let the group motivate you

Advice from SoulCycle gym instructor Robert Pendilla.
There are many specialized studios for group classes in yoga, cycling, running, boxing and various types of dance. What are the benefits of group training? In company. The group motivates you to do better.
Music is also of great importance. Find a soundtrack that inspires you and suits your workouts, and you will work harder and better.

9. Exercise hard, but not too often

Advice from Peter Park, owner of the Platinum Fitness Club in Los Angeles.
If you are under 35 years old, three intensive workouts per week are sufficient. If more, two is enough.
Load yourself on the days of interval training, and during the recovery classes, do all the exercises at an easy pace.

10. Exercise carefully with free weights

Advice from the founder of the Movement gym in Minneapolis, David Dillanava.
Sometimes working with free weights feels somehow wrong. To fix this, you need to listen to your body.
Let's say you have a day of legs. First try to reach your toes. Stop when you feel stress.
After that, try to do squats with your own weight, and then reach for your legs again. Did you manage to lean lower? If not, move the barbell squats to another day.

11. Try a squat that doesn't work.

Advice from Mike Robertson, co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training in New York.
Try a squat with two weights.

During such squats, it is almost impossible to spoil the technique. The lower back is in excellent position, quadriceps, buttocks and abs are well pumped.

12. Control your workouts

Advice from New York Mark Fisher Fitness co-founder Brian Patrick Murphy.
The best day to relax comes when you most want to go to training. Instead, take a walk. This will prove that you are in control of your training program, and not you.

13. Choose a clear goal and strive for it

Advice from Mountain Tactical Institute gym owner Rob Shaul.
Choose an adventure that challenges your abilities, such as rafting on a mountain river, and then start preparing for it in the gym.
You will gain experience that will help you in life, and your training will have a goal.

14. Find your limit with a simple test.

Advice from Mike Boyle from the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning gym in Woburn, Massachusetts.
Injuries to the rotator cuff of the shoulder are often associated with insufficient pulling force.
A simple test for athletes: during pull-ups you should lift the same weight as during the bench press. For example, if you weigh 80 kilograms and do a bench press with a weight of 100 kilograms, you need to pull yourself up with a weight of 20 kilograms.

15. Use the mantra to deal with discomfort

Advice from Crossfit New England coach Ben Bergeron, among whose students are several CrossFit Games winners.
You can work harder if you learn to overcome discomfort. This is the key to physical change.

16. Do not go to expensive gyms

You can become stronger in a cheap gym. They do not have new simulators, infrared saunas and water coolers, but even there you can become stronger and more enduring.
Dumbbells are everywhere. You can do a lot of exercises with them: deep squats with one dumbbell on your chest, back lunges, squats in your lunges, deadlift on one leg, dumbbell press above your head, cravings for the stomach and bench press.
On the Smith simulator, you can do pull-ups with legs on the floor. Using different handles, you can pull the upper block to the chest and cravings to the stomach.

17. Make a gym at home

Advice from Dan John of Salt Lake City.
John converted his suburban garage to the Westridge Barbell Club gym and, with several followers, conducts high-intensity training with basic equipment there.
Once he had much more equipment, even a pair of Nautilus simulators for working out biceps and triceps. But after the move, he realized how little is actually needed for a home gym.

Start small

John reduced his equipment to one 28 kg weight.
“It was my personal home gym,” he says. “I could do bench press, swing masses, squats, jerking and many other exercises, including training with my body weight.”
Start with one shell with which to do all of these exercises.

Fill up your gym gradually

Before you buy new equipment, think about what exercises you can do with it.
First, John used the press roller, which he bought for $ 4. After that, he switched to TRX loops. You can buy, for example, a rack for pulling up or a bar with pancakes.

Do not spend money

Rich people buy expensive simulators and never use them. A good home gym starts small and gradually grows.
Cardiovascular equipment is a waste of money. People rarely use them, and a good walk is much better and cheaper.

18. Turn a workout into a game

Advice from New York-based Throwback Fitness co-founder Brian Gallagher.
This helps you work harder and get great results.

Fight yourself

As a competition for one person, you can use a circular training session consisting of push-ups, twisting on the abs and squats with the weight of your body.
Each circle do two repetitions more - 2, 4, 6 and so on. Training continues for 5 minutes. Rest - 1 minute.
After the rest, start with the number of repetitions that you can handle easily, but now reduce the repetitions - 12, 10, 8 and so on to two. Your goal is to return to two repetitions in less than five minutes.
Too easy? Then increase the training time to 10 minutes.

19.Compete with friends

Each group at Throwback Fitness includes between 6 and 16 people. Participants are divided into groups and compete among themselves. One of the favorite gym competition games is the TBF Cup.
In this game, teams compete in throwing balls into the net. To gain access to the ball, the team needs to make a circle of four burpies, eight push-ups and twelve twists to the press. The faster you circle, the more attempts there will be to throw the ball. The team with the most goals in the net at the end of the training wins.

20. Find your club

Maybe you are elite fitness clubs with air conditioning, modern fitness equipment and protein shakes at the exit.
Or do you still prefer an old gym like Doug's Gym, where the equipment is only barbells, dumbbells and weights, and where, it seems, nothing has changed since the appearance of the first gyms.
Doug is a living confirmation of the fact that the gym is not so important to maintain a great shape. More importantly, you work out a few days a week where you feel comfortable.
November 04, 2019

Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

The survey results of the most respected experts in the field of fitness. This top includes only the most tested and time-tested information about a healthy lifestyle: how to quickly lose weight, recover from diseases and get in good physical shape.

You have probably heard thousands of different tips on how to quickly lose weight, recover from illness and get in good physical shape. 
Dozens of trainers promote the latest methods and technologies of a healthy lifestyle, and some of them directly contradict each other. How not to get confused in this sea of ​​information? reporters interviewed the most reputable fitness experts and compiled the top most helpful tips.

1. Replace quiet cardio loads with interval training

The road to a slim and strong body looks a little like a long monotonous walk. The best effect is given by high-intensity flashes, interspersed with slow calm loads for recovery. In 15 or 20 minutes of interval training, you can burn as many calories as in an hour of a regular workout. And, unlike ordinary classes, interval training gives an effect even after the end of the session.

2. Pay attention to the muscles.

Many people focus only on selected muscle groups, losing sight of everything else. However, the human body consists not only of cubes on the stomach, no matter how beautiful they look. A huge amount of internal muscles is hidden from our eyes, but they are necessary to protect internal organs and spine from injuries, maintain the body in an upright position, and so on. Therefore, pay attention not only to specialized, acting on isolated groups of muscles, but also to complex exercises that give a load to the whole body.

3. Replace exercise equipment with free weight exercises

Exercise machines are designed in such a way that you have to move a given weight along a certain path. However, if you are too low or too tall, your arms or legs are not as long as the average majority, then such exercises will not organically correspond to your physiology, which can lead to a lack of progress or even injury.
Replacing simulators with exercises with dumbbells or a barbell may be more suitable for your body and will help to load even those muscle groups that are inactive on the simulators. And sometimes even a simple towel can help you out .

4. Do not slouch!

Expand and lower the shoulder blades as if you had your hands in the back pockets of your jeans. This will not only help you improve your results, but also protect you from injuries. This position allows you to more correctly perform pull-ups, fully engage the pectoral muscles during push-ups, maintains the correct position of the body when squats. Do not forget about special exercises for the spine .

 5. Increase the range of motion.

To add more load to each repetition and increase the effectiveness of the workout as a whole will help to lengthen the trajectory of movements made with each repetition of the exercise. Sit down a little deeper, when push-ups, stop literally a centimeter from the floor, pull yourself not to the chin, but to the chest. Get more out of every movement and your body will thank you.

6. Do each exercise as quickly as possible.

Slow exercise is best used only as an additional load. In the main part of the lesson, you should strive to complete each exercise as quickly as possible, whether it be pull-ups, push-ups, jumps or exercises with weights. Even if you can’t do it really fast at first, the efforts made will teach the muscle fibers to contract faster, which will make your body more athletic.

7. Use more complex exercises.

There are a large number of special exercises aimed at developing individual muscles. However, if you are not a bodybuilder capable of spending long hours in the gym, then it will be more preferable to use exercises that load several muscle groups at the same time.
For example, squats will help to work out not only the legs, but also the back, the draft of the bar in an inclination will load the biceps and back, and the bench press develops triceps and chest.

8. Change capture

In many exercises, it is enough to slightly change the grip so that it opens on a completely different side. For example, with pull-ups, push-ups, many exercises with a barbell, you can place your hands more widely or narrowly. Such a minor change allows you to work out previously unused muscle fibers, and in addition to diversify your workout.

9. Try to load only one side

Since our body always strives for balance, the use of asymmetric loads will make those muscles of the body work that cannot be reached in the usual way. Try to perform exercises with only one dumbbell or exercise on the simulators using only one side of the body. A bit of unusual advice, but sometimes it works.

10. Do push ups

Push-ups are one of the greatest exercises. Their correct execution can be described with just one phrase: keep a rigid straight line from the top of the head to the very heels in each phase of the exercise. With this in mind, you should not round your back, bend at the waist or protrude the pelvis. The core value of this exercise is that it uses the muscles of almost the entire body. Different push-ups will help you to load and work out a variety of muscle groups.