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Muscle building/strength training without equipment

Muscle building/strength training without equipment

"For a proper strength training to build muscle, a membership in a gym is mandatory." This statement could also come from you? In your opinion, muscle-building means there is no way around training in the gym? Not correct! With the right exercises, total body training is an effective form of strength training without fitness equipment. The resistance against which your body has to work is generated exclusively by your own body weight.

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

Minimal effort, maximum effects. Just the thing for job-to-hotel junkies, gym-shy and disreputable, and notorious "I'm going-out-of-the-train" –studio members.

We introduced you to 11 crunchy strength training exercises without any equipment. Now: Ran to the bacon and just give it a try!

Strength training without equipment - the warm up

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

Cold starts in an intense workout are dangerous: pre-workout warm-up helps prevent injury, boosts the cardiovascular system, and your body can now mentally adjust to the stress.
The warm-up is super easy: you run for 2-3 minutes on the spot or make in the same time jumping jacks.
You are warm enough? Then it can start!

Exercises for your strength training / muscle building without equipment

Strength training without equipment: Exercise # 1 – Squads

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

Our workout starts with an absolute classic: to strengthen the thigh and buttocks musculature, the squat should be known to every fitness lover and those who want to become one.

Step 1: It is important at the beginning of the exercise (and for all other exercises) the correct starting position, because from this position you repeat the exercise. You are about hip-width in an upright position. The weight is slightly on the heels, feet and knees are pointing straight out. The view is directed forward.

Step 2: In the second step follows the squat. To do this, lower your buttocks towards your heels until your thighs are parallel to the floor (as if you were sitting on a chair). Your knees do not stick out over your toes. Then you turn from the power of your heels back to the starting position.

Strength Training without Equipment: Exercise # 2 - Jumping Squads

Muscle building and cardio combined are not there? Wrong thought! The Jumping Squads have it powerful and cardiotechnical fist thick behind the ears. You'll soon realize that the exercise will take your breath away.
Muscle building  strength training without equipment

You perform the squat as described above. At the lowest point, when your thighs are roughly parallel to the ground, you straighten up explosively and jump into the stretch jump. With both feet you come back to the ground (the facts) and land again in the deep squat. That was a repeat.

Strength training without equipment: Exercise # 3 - Lunges

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

Lunges or Lunges - hated by many, loved by even more - can be put into a drawer with other effective exercises to strengthen the thigh and buttocks muscles. The focus of the exercise is mainly on the correct technique, because in the execution easily small errors can creep.

Step 1: For the correct starting position, you stand approximately hip-width and upright. The view is directed straight ahead, the arms are loosely attached to the body.

Step 2: Now follows the lunge step . To do this you take a big step forward with one leg (approx. 60 - 90 cm), knees and feet pointing forward. From this position you bring the back knee towards the floor by bending your front leg. Your body will lower itself upright, your knees will not protrude beyond your toes. Then slowly and in a controlled manner straighten up and return to the starting position.

Weight training without equipment: Exercise # 4 - Dips

When you hear dips, do you just think of nachos or bread for dipping? After you have experienced the following exercise, you will put aside your nachos and bread and dedicate yourself exclusively to the strengthening of your triceps muscles. Because soon it says: Bye bye Winkearme!
All you need for the exercise is a chair, a bed rail or something similar.

Step 1: Yes, here too, the correct starting position is the basic building block of the exercise. You sit down at the end of your seat and place your hands on the edge of your seat (back of your hand pointing forward!). Your feet are about hip-width on the floor, your knees are bent. The buttocks then move forward over the edge until it floats above the ground.

Step 2: In the second step, you bend your elbows and bring the buttocks towards the floor until your elbows are parallel to the floor. Before you almost touch the ground, you bring your body slowly and controlled back to the starting position.

Strength training without equipment: Exercise # 5 - Push Ups

Three variants of the push-ups? Yes, you've read that correctly. As if the push-ups were not exhausting enough, we chose three intensive push-up variants, with which you can adjust the difficulty step by step to your personal level of performance.

Variation # 1: Classic Push Ups

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

The classic, which can be practiced anywhere and at any time, may of course not be missing in a strength training without equipment.

Step 1: You first get into the push-up position. To do this, place your hands under your shoulders and lift your knees so that your body forms a straight line. The body stays in tension throughout the exercise, your back does not hang.

Step 2: Now follows the push up. You bend your arms in the elbow joint, lead the elbows aside and lower the upper body in the direction of the ground. Arrived shortly before the ground, you bring your body slowly and controlled back to the starting position.

Variation # 2: Push ups offset

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

The staggered push up is more intense than the classic version. You thus set another training stimulus to strengthen the chest muscles.
From the push-up position, place one hand below the shoulder on the floor. The other hand stays below the shoulder. The body is still under tension. From this position follows the normal push up. Then change hands

Variant # 3: Diamond push-ups

'Shine bright like a diamond!' could soon become your personal motto. The diamond push-ups ensure a strong shiny triceps.

This exercise to build muscle without equipment starts in the push-up position. The hands are now placed side by side so that you form a triangle between the thumb and forefinger of both hands. Then you push your body to the ground and back again.

Weight training without equipment: Exercise # 6 - Mountain Climbers

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

The Mountain Climber (in good German mountaineer) lives up to its rustic name: to strengthen the straight abdominal muscles there is currently no more effective exercise in the fitness sky. Nice side effect: In addition, your arms are tightened.

Step 1: You still remember the push-up position from Exercise # 5? Wonderful! That's the starting position. Also pay attention to the right body tension.

Step 2: Now you lift one foot off the floor, bend the leg and pull it to the chest. Then you stretch the leg back to the starting position and change the side.

Now it's going to be exciting: To increase the level of difficulty and add a touch of cardio to the exercise, you can do the movement faster, called 'runnings'.

Strength training without equipment: Exercise # 7 - Planking

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

In any demanding training program for strength training without fitness equipment, the forearm support (or 'planking') should find its place. As a full-body exercise, it strengthens the entire core muscles as well as shoulder, chest and leg muscles.

Step 1: Your elbows are placed under the shoulder. The forearms rest on the ground. The knees are initially still on the ground. Your look is directed to the forearms.

Step 2: Now comes the masterpiece - the forearm support. To do so, put your knees up and lift your hips until your body forms a straight line (no hollow back!). Your body is now tense like a board. The position is kept as long as possible.

Attention: The forearm support is still too heavy for you? Of course you can (just as a beginner) start the exercise on your knees and later change to your feet.

Rep scheme? Do not exist! The forearm support is a very individual exercise. The rule is: Try to hold the position as long as possible. In the beginning, 30 seconds are optimal, then you can increase yourself (60 - 90 seconds)

Strength Training Without Equipment: Exercise # 8 - Rotation Plank

The straight abdominal muscles are ticked off, now follows the strengthening of the lateral abdominal muscles. For this purpose, the forearm support from exercise # 7 is tilted by 90 °, so you are in the lateral forearm support.

The exercise starts in a lateral position. To do this, place one forearm and your feet on top of each other on the floor. Now only your outer foot edge, one leg, the hip and one forearm have contact with the ground.

Sideplank: Supported on the bent forearm, lift the hips so that the body also forms a straight line here. The head is in extension of the spine.

From this position follows the upper body rotation. The upper arm is angled and performed along the shoulder axis under the body. The rotation is made solely from the upper body, the hip does not turn. After a few repetitions, you lower the pelvis again and change the side.

Weight training without equipment: Exercise # 9 - Twist

The twist (in English: upper body rotation) has it all: The lateral abdominal muscles comes in this exercise to its limits. The movement also demands the ability to coordinate and balance. An all around nice exercise for building muscle without equipment.

Step 1: First you sit down on the ground, your legs are bent. The feet only touch the ground with their heels. You can also lift your legs during the exercise - this increases the level of difficulty! The arms are crossed in front of the chest, the belly is under tension.

step 2 : The second step is followed by the twist. The upper body is lowered slightly backwards, the back remains straight (no hunchback and no hollow back!). The upper body is then turned to one side until the elbow points to the knee. Slowly return to the straight position and then turn to the other side.
Sentence and repetition scheme: 2 sets of 10 - 12 repetitions

Weight training without equipment: Exercise # 10 - Superman

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

The exercise reminds - as the name implies - to a lying superhero. To strengthen the upper back and neck muscles is the exercise many fitness gurus a concept and must therefore not be missing in our strength training without equipment.

Step 1: You lie down on the floor in prone position or optionally on a soft surface. Arms and legs are stretched, but are (still) relaxed on the floor.

Step 2: Now lift the legs slightly off the ground so that only the upper part of the thigh touches the ground. Arms and back of the head are raised in a controlled motion. The view stays down. The entire body is under tension from head to toe. The end position is held for a few moments, then slowly lower again.

The Superman is an effective exercise for your strength training without equipment.
Sentence and repetition scheme: 2 -3 sets of 8 - 10 repetitions

Weight training without equipment: Exercise # 11 - Burpees

Muscle building  strength training without equipment

You want to get everything out of you and give it full throttle at the end of the workout? No problem. Burpees raise your heart rate and boost your fat burning immensely.

The movement combines many movements that we have done before today - a real all-rounder!
Motivation Tip: You do not have the motivation to run a single burpee at all? No problem! Just remember that this is the last exercise for today. Then you can lay down comfortably on the couch or pursue your everyday life!

Step 1: Starting point is a straight, h├╝ftbreiter stand. Now you bend your legs, put your hands next to your feet and squat down.

Step 2: From the crouch you jump into the push-up position. Then you lead your body, which is in a straight line, to the ground and put it down. With an explosive push-up you push yourself back into the push-up position and jump back into a crouch.

Step 3: From the squat, you now perform a stretch jump and then finish in the starting position. That was a burpee.

Recurrence scheme: The recurrence scheme varies according to the level of performance. Beginners can orient themselves at 5 - 15 repetitions, advanced at 15 - 30 repetitions. Of course, there are no limits to the top.

Conclusion for building muscle without devices

Effectiveness, functionality, balance, motivation, fat burning, variety and fun. All this is bodyweight training.
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We hope you liked our training plan for muscle building without fitness equipment.

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