reporters interviewed the most reputable fitness experts and compiled the top most helpful tips.

1. Replace quiet cardio loads with interval training

The road to a slim and strong body looks a little like a long monotonous walk. The best effect is given by high-intensity flashes, interspersed with slow calm loads for recovery. In 15 or 20 minutes of interval training, you can burn as many calories as in an hour of a regular workout. And, unlike ordinary classes, interval training gives an effect even after the end of the session.

2. Pay attention to the muscles.

Many people focus only on selected muscle groups, losing sight of everything else. However, the human body consists not only of cubes on the stomach, no matter how beautiful they look. A huge amount of internal muscles is hidden from our eyes, but they are necessary to protect internal organs and spine from injuries, maintain the body in an upright position, and so on. Therefore, pay attention not only to specialized, acting on isolated groups of muscles, but also to complex exercises that give a load to the whole body.

3. Replace exercise equipment with free weight exercises

Exercise machines are designed in such a way that you have to move a given weight along a certain path. However, if you are too low or too tall, your arms or legs are not as long as the average majority, then such exercises will not organically correspond to your physiology, which can lead to a lack of progress or even injury.
Replacing simulators with exercises with dumbbells or a barbell may be more suitable for your body and will help to load even those muscle groups that are inactive on the simulators. And sometimes even a simple towel can help you out .

4. Do not slouch!

Expand and lower the shoulder blades as if you had your hands in the back pockets of your jeans. This will not only help you improve your results, but also protect you from injuries. This position allows you to more correctly perform pull-ups, fully engage the pectoral muscles during push-ups, maintains the correct position of the body when squats. Do not forget about special exercises for the spine .

 5. Increase the range of motion.

To add more load to each repetition and increase the effectiveness of the workout as a whole will help to lengthen the trajectory of movements made with each repetition of the exercise. Sit down a little deeper, when push-ups, stop literally a centimeter from the floor, pull yourself not to the chin, but to the chest. Get more out of every movement and your body will thank you.

6. Do each exercise as quickly as possible.

Slow exercise is best used only as an additional load. In the main part of the lesson, you should strive to complete each exercise as quickly as possible, whether it be pull-ups, push-ups, jumps or exercises with weights. Even if you can’t do it really fast at first, the efforts made will teach the muscle fibers to contract faster, which will make your body more athletic.

7. Use more complex exercises.

There are a large number of special exercises aimed at developing individual muscles. However, if you are not a bodybuilder capable of spending long hours in the gym, then it will be more preferable to use exercises that load several muscle groups at the same time.
For example, squats will help to work out not only the legs, but also the back, the draft of the bar in an inclination will load the biceps and back, and the bench press develops triceps and chest.

8. Change capture

In many exercises, it is enough to slightly change the grip so that it opens on a completely different side. For example, with pull-ups, push-ups, many exercises with a barbell, you can place your hands more widely or narrowly. Such a minor change allows you to work out previously unused muscle fibers, and in addition to diversify your workout.

9. Try to load only one side

Since our body always strives for balance, the use of asymmetric loads will make those muscles of the body work that cannot be reached in the usual way. Try to perform exercises with only one dumbbell or exercise on the simulators using only one side of the body. A bit of unusual advice, but sometimes it works.

10. Do push ups

Push-ups are one of the greatest exercises. Their correct execution can be described with just one phrase: keep a rigid straight line from the top of the head to the very heels in each phase of the exercise. With this in mind, you should not round your back, bend at the waist or protrude the pelvis. The core value of this exercise is that it uses the muscles of almost the entire body. Different push-ups will help you to load and work out a variety of muscle groups.