Monday, January 20, 2020

5 reasons to eat fast food

5 reasons to eat fast food
We all know that fast food is bad. In details. We know why this is harmful ; we’ve heard a million times about fats, sugar, additional “secret” ingredients, obesity, and quick death. And still, most of us do not stop it. According to statistics , the fast food market in Russia is growing at 15–20% per year, which makes our country one of the world leaders in the field of fast, low-junk food consumption. Fast food is often the only way to get warm, cheap food, which, admit, also tastes good. And since you still love her, Gazeta.Ru decided to find something good in fast food.
Calorie counter
Since fast food is most often accused of all mortal culinary sins, it is also controlled more often and more strictly by “full-fledged” restaurants. One of the advantages of constant monitoring is that fast-food establishments necessarily publish detailed information on how many calories (with a detailed breakdown by the amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and healthy minerals) are contained in each product on the menu. So, fast food is no longer to blame for the fact that you overeat.
Everyone can control exactly how many calories he wants to receive at one meal, and make a choice in favor of more healthy items on the menu.
The biggest danger of fast food is the amount of saturated fat that is contained in dishes, which leads to heart attacks and tummy tumbledowns. They say so much about this that most fast-food chains are now trying to minimize the amount of such fats. So, for example, nuggets are now fried in vegetable oil, and it is healthier.
Fast food restaurants were the first to offer dishes suitable for people with intolerance to different foods. And because of the constant strict control of fast food in this sense, you can trust more than an ordinary restaurant. So, for example, fried potatoes in most networks do not contain gluten (they don’t specially roll it in anything and use other techniques to prevent the pieces from sticking together). Also on the menu there are always products that do not contain lactose, nuts, etc. In any fast-food restaurant, you will be given, upon request, a plate that indicates which allergenic product is contained in which dish.
By choosing what you are safe, you will know for sure: if the label says that there is no gluten, then there is no gluten.
If you have them and you were reckless to take them to a fast food restaurant, they probably liked it there. The prohibitive amount of sugar, bright packaging and a toy can not but rejoice. But even if you do not have the desire or the ability to stop feeding your baby fast food, this does not mean that everything is lost. Standard children's kits are often not the healthiest, but the charm is that you can still control what your child eats. Even if you just replace the cola with orange or apple juice and add salad and fruit to the potatoes (all these fast-food establishments are allowed to do), you feed your child a balanced lunch, and you can run away from school to a circle in the other end of the city without remorse (we will know). You fed the child.
In any fast food restaurant you can get a relatively healthy dinner, you just need to choose wisely, control the portion size and the number of calories that you plan to consume at a time. For instance,
when ordering a salad, take a dressing based on vinegar, not mayonnaise or cheese.
Ketchup and mustard contain fewer calories and often there are no artificial additives at all, unlike mayonnaise and special sauces.
Instead of adding extra bacon or cheese to your burgers, ask for extra vegetables.
Even if you were given a bag of salt, try not to use it: do not salt food, there is already salt in fast food.
If you have a choice, take grilled meat, not oil.
Between beef and chicken, choose chicken.
Ask for the sauces to be served in a separate package without pouring the whole dish. Then you can use it much less than prescribed in the menu.
Refuse large portions. We understand that since you were brought here, you are very hungry and immediately want the biggest burger. Take, on the contrary, the smallest and eat slowly. Promise yourself that if you feel that you are not full, take another one. Most likely, a second burger will not be needed.
Try in violation of all the rules of decency to start with dessert. And preferably not with a cake or ice cream, but with some fruit (but not necessarily). Often we feel hungry due to lower blood sugar. If you start with a sweet, you will quickly feel full and eat less.