Monday, January 20, 2020

Fast Food Pros and Cons

Fast Food Pros and Cons
For a city dweller, eating in fast foods has already become a habit, because there is not always enough time for home dinners. And, often, people simply do not have the opportunity to eat at home, because the work schedule is very busy, many work so far from at home, that you won’t come for lunch, but for many, for example, truckers, pizza or a hot dog is the only option to eat.


In such catering establishments you will be fed quickly and tasty, hearty food. In many fast food establishments, the main trump card is used for a modern, living in high-speed mode, a person - the speed of cooking and service. This is facilitated by various methods of labor automation, for example, R-keeper software systems, special equipment, and the use of semi-finished products.
There are many types of fast food establishments - pies, pizzerias, grill bars, barbecue, pancake. Equipment for such establishments is created and selected according to the same principle - to feed the visitor quickly and satisfyingly. Not a single point where hot dogs are offered can do without an apparatus for frying sausages; a professional pancake will be installed in the pancake room, baking pancakes in the shape of a square for the convenience of wrapping the filling.
Everything here is aimed at reducing the time waiting for an order. For example, in large fast-food restaurants there are special driveways for cars, a service window and a button to call the waiter, which you can use without leaving your car.


Of course, this way of eating is quite convenient and saves a lot of time. However, do not forget that all over the world a lot of experts talk about the dangers of the constant use of fast food dishes, and especially sweet carbonated drinks, which are usually used to drink all this food. This can lead to overweight, or even to obesity. In those countries where this method of nutrition is most common, for example, in Canada and the USA, the problem of obesity is very acute. In the United States, obesity, as the cause of premature death, came second after smoking, while in Canada, childhood obesity rates have tripled in recent years.
All this is associated with the use of sweet soda and quickly cooked food, which is overloaded with sugar, fats, salt, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. For example, a strawberry smoothie contains about five dozen artificial ingredients that make its taste so “natural strawberry”, and not all of them benefit our health.

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