Monday, January 20, 2020


Fast food. The food that is cooked quickly, as tasty as possible, as beautiful as possible. Food that is designed to satisfy your hunger in minutes. Everyone knows that it is harmful, but, nevertheless, they continue to use it. Let's try to understand the pros and cons of fast food.

 The benefits of fast food
Undoubtedly, fast-food restaurants have their own advantages, because it is not just that there are whole chains throughout the country.
  1. Quickly. Given the pace of life of most people, such institutions save a lot of time and, at times, are the only way to satisfy hunger.
  2. Cheap enough.
  3. The restaurants are always clean and comfortable. It is convenient to sit here, relax during a walk and eat.
  4. What can I say there: if this food was not tasty, no one would eat it. Thanks to taste enhancers!
The pros are obvious, but the cons are more likely in the underwater part of the “fast food iceberg”!
Cons of fast food
We know that they are, but our knowledge is sometimes limited to just one word - it is harmful. But I went in once, ate and nothing happened to me. So maybe this is just a myth and the machinations of competitors? Let's get it right.
OBESITY is one of the most famous effects of fast food. Of course, nothing will happen to you from one burger a month. But, as a rule, the story does not end on one burger.
If you regularly eat french fries or hot dogs, then in a few months, obesity can begin. This product has a very high calorie content, contains a large amount of harmful fats and carbohydrates, but at the same time, saturation is only short-lived. After which the person is hungry again, because the consumed calories are of no benefit, they lack complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats that supply the body with energy. There are very few proteins, and all the vitamins are burnt during frying, so there is nothing useful in such a meal! Therefore, you will quickly become hungry - you will carry out more snacks in a day.
On the Internet you can find a lot of articles where employees of fast-food restaurant chains reveal the secrets of the cuisine. The products are not always fresh, often used raw materials are made using various chemicals harmful to the body, as a result of which food can only cause disgust. But the main friends of fast food come to the rescue - salt and sugar. Everyone knows how these ingredients influence the perception of the taste of food. Fast food restaurants use excessive amounts of salt and sugar for only one purpose - to mask the true taste of the product.
And no fast food restaurant can provide you with quality products by the end of the working day. You just add more salt.
If you often visit fast food restaurants, be aware that diseases such as:
  • gastritis (due to excess salt and fat);
  • an ulcer (from the use of sweets and filth on an empty stomach);
  • cancer (fried foods contain a huge amount of carcinogens, and if the oil is deep-fried for more than a day, their concentration just rolls over);
  • high cholesterol (all the same fatty and sweet foods);
  • diabetes mellitus (carbonated drinks, cocktails and necks);
  • caries (carbonated drinks).
This is only part of the unpleasant consequences. But they are easy to imagine, because everyone treated their teeth, everyone had abdominal pain, and fat deposits in the abdomen of many girls are depressed. Try also to imagine that ulcers eat on a schedule and very often their food is monotonous and not very tasty. Do you want to live according to a regime where every skipped meal will have consequences? I think no.
Any food can be tasty if you put the right seasoning in it. In fast food restaurants, as well as in fast food products, whether it's chips, crackers, sodas, very often use seasoning mixtures in which flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate are present, as well as preservatives that can extend the shelf life of the products. Not the fact that in the early morning you eat a fresh burger, most likely, it is prepared from yesterday's unrealized leftovers.
So why do you think the same food costs differently? Why, to make a burger at home, you spend one amount, a burger in a real restaurant will cost more, and a burger from a fast food chain - from 50 rubles?
Does this mean product quality? If I bought a piece of chicken in the store for 50 rubles, which I still have to cook at home, and the fast-food restaurant gives me a ready-made burger for 50 rubles, it’s worth seriously thinking.
In fact, this is only a small part of the unpleasant consequences that are hidden under the beautiful, juicy and mouth-watering advertising of fast food restaurants. The modern world is oversaturated with information, among which it is difficult to choose the right one. Have you seen an advertisement for any dining room? Unlikely. But, most likely, you have seen advertisements of famous giants-fast-food chains a thousand times.
Guys, a stomach ulcer will greatly affect the choice of location and mode of operation.
Girls, fat from the sides and abdomen can be removed for months!
If you are in such a situation that there is simply no way to satisfy your hunger in another way, then there are a number of recommendations:
  • Every fast food establishment has cold snacks and hot drinks. Order Caesar salad and herbal tea instead of burger and soda.
  • Do not eat “fast food” on an empty stomach, because the negative effect only intensifies.
  • Do not look late at night in the navigator for a point that has not yet closed at night. It is better to drink a couple of glasses of water and fall asleep hungry, because no fast food restaurant can provide you with a quality product 30 minutes before closing time.
  • If the only way to satisfy hunger is to go to a cafe, then choose institutions with domestic cuisine or oriental dishes.